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People have been reviewing entertainment long before the internet was invented, but this revolutionary innovation has enabled millions of people to share their opinions with one another in mere seconds. Sometimes this can be a great thing if your movie or video game is receiving a high level of praise. However, this is definitely an issue if you have a product that is not being treated so kindly.

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Activision is facing such an issue.

On the video game section of the website, two scores are shown for each game. One score is an average of critic reviews and the other is an average of user scores. For Modern Warefare 3, the average score has gotten as low as 1.4 out of 10. Users have become outraged at what they believe is a recycled game. The critic reviews of the game are much more positive.

In my opinion, Activision gave this about as much attention as it deserved. A representative of the company reached out to fans on Twitter asking them to go give the game a score whether it was good or bad. He added he thought the score was “suspiciously low.”

From a PR standpoint I can definitely understand why Activision has not made any statements besides the Twitter post. The game was still sold millions of copies, and if you can do this with minimal effort, why change the formula? I do not blame Activision for not worrying about the complaints of some thousands of players, many of whom bought the game knowing very well what they were getting themselves into.


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