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Recently wrote an article about the top 5 phrases that make CEOs seem unauthentic, according to bloggers surveyed. I know for a fact there was a time when most people nodded approvingly at these phrases because CEO’s would simply not continue to use them if the majority of people disapproved. Even today there are still many people who buy into this corporate-speak.

I also know for a fact that some companies hire image consultants for CEOs. I think this is where it begins to get dangerous. When you try and teach someone to act a certain way that is unnatural, the person will simply look unauthentic.

To me this also occurs when writing speeches or preparing a CEO for an interview. Someone is preparing this individual to say things or act in a way that is just not natural. It is incredibly important to work closely with whomever you are preparing for a public event and let that person be whoever he or she truly is.

At the end of the day, people will always prefer CEOs for being true to who they are rather than trying to create a fake public image.



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