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In a post on his official Bioware blog, Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of Bioware, responded to outrage over Mass Effect 3’s ending. First I’ll start by saying I am a huge fan of all 3 Mass Effect games. However, as a PR major I could not help but begin brainstorming ways Bioware should respond to its fans after many of them expressed disdain over the lack of closure in ME3’s ending.

All of my personal feelings regarding this issues aside, I think Dr. Muzyka and the whole Bioware team did a great job managing this PR crisis.

When a video game developer creates an entirely new universe complete with rich history and lore, this developer cannot help but feel as though this game is its baby. However, mature and professional people are able to take constructive criticism and also understand that their game is nothing without happy players.

Bioware quickly responded to players after anger over the ending of ME3 first surfaced. PR professionals in any industry should take note here. When you face a PR crisis, you need to respond ASAP. Saying, “we are aware of these issues and are working on a solution,” is not enough, but this is better than nothing at all.

Bioware was in continuous contact with the ME3 community during this period of outrage, and they use insight from players, as Dr. Muzyka points out in his post, to help improve the game. To me this is something unique to the video game industry to a certain extent. There are not many industries that take insight from customers to improve CURRENT products.




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