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I know there are some public relations majors at my school who dream of being in control of a Hollywood nut job’s Twitter account. While dreams of making some decent money and riding coat tails are all well and good, I am not in favor of protecting idiots. This is not to say all celebrities are ignorant narcissists, but there are a few colorful characters out there.

5 minutes later he hit the puppy for peeing on him, apologized on Twitter, and then won another Grammy.

In this blog post, Jenni Maier discusses how some celebrities make themselves look like idiots on Twitter, and she believes the individual’s PR professional should take more direct control of these accounts to prevent further scandals.

Although I am a PR major and completely understand the need to maintain the image of a public figure, to me there is a huge difference between saying something inappropriate in front of a live audience and posting something on Twitter.

Even for celebrities, being in front of a bunch of people puts you in a different frame of mind. Stating something inappropriate in this context can be filed under the humans make mistakes clause in my opinion. Unless of course it is during a planned speech or anything of that sort. PR professionals can storm in and dictate a nice apology letter.

Now think about posting something on Twitter. You have to physically type out your thoughts. The words do not go straight from your mouth to the world. Also many people are in a comfortable place when they do this. You can take all the time you want going over your thoughts. Posting something ignorant or what have you in this context is just idiocy.  Personally, I would let the world see these individuals for who they really are, but then the money would start to dry up.


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