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I remember when I was first looking for a job at 16. My dad told me, “Son, at this point in your life it isn’t about what you know. It’s about who you know.” No, my dad has never called me son, but he sounds more wise that way. During that time the advice was indeed wise because I had no marketable skills to speak of. My first job and all jobs since have been made possible because of networking via family friends.

What about out there in the “real world” of public relations careers? Although having some connections might help, potential employers need to see what you can do. Yes, a resume is one part of that, but concrete evidence that shows you know what the heck you’re doing is vital. While brainstorming ways to do this I came across a blog post by Mark Schaefer. In the post Mark discusses “7 reasons every job-seeker needs to blog.” As you can see he highlights exactly what I was thinking about while greatly expanding upon my original thoughts.

Not only is a blog helpful in showing a potential employer your skills, a blog can allow this person to get a better idea about who you are. This is important because a resume can really only be a page long, and let’s face it, that is only long enough to give a first impression. In the public relations industry, you may even be hired based on your blogging skills alone!

Your potential employers reading your awesome blog!

Remember everyone has to start somewhere. Do not be afraid to begin your blog because you don’t think it will be great content. The more you blog the better you’ll become, and it is a necessary skill if you’re considering a career in PR.


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